MAGNESEALED  for thermal insulation:

Owners of character homes or listed properties often do not want the appearance of double-glazed windows, or cannot get local authority permission for them.

MAGNESEALED uses established double glazing principles along with our unique magnetic sealing system to achieve cost-effective, thermal insulation for existing windows. It provides a discreet second skin allowing you to keep the character and beauty of your existing windows.

Research has shown that up to 50% of heat can be lost through windows in a fully insulated home. MAGNESEALED has a calculated U value of 2.7 using a 20mm gap to the existing single glazing, meaning that you can immediately benefit from cost / energy savings and a warmer environment.

The thermal insulation benefits of secondary glazing are widely recognised:
Heat transfer is significantly reduced, creating warmer rooms
Substantial savings can be made on your heating costs.

‘Cold spots’ are reduced providing more comfortable living spaces.

Condensation problems are virtually eliminated, saving time on morning mop-ups and preventing the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew on window frames and curtains